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The owners of Sacred Springs, Geoff Lamden and Joel Andrus, have a combined total of twenty-one years of brewing experience. Joel is a classically trained violist with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Performance Viola. Geoff is a traditional Naturopathic Practitioner and a Sound Therapist. In 2013 an event that could only be described somewhere between a coincidence of fate and divine providence, brought Joel and Geoff together in order to brew a special batch of kombucha for Geoff’s anniversary. During the brewing process, there was a moment when the universe pulled back the veil and revealed to the two of them, simultaneously, the vision that would become Sacred Springs. 

The magic of this first brew was in the sound. Joel’s classically trained background, blended perfectly with Geoff's Sound Therapist skills to create a song whose notes can still be heard on the kombucha produced today. Each batch of Sacred Springs kombucha is sound infused with the notes “D” and “A”. These two base notes are the building blocks of all the metaphysical ingredients. Overlaying these two notes are tones unique to each flavor. Different vibrational frequencies blend well with different physical objects to create a resonance. The alchemists at Sacred Springs understand these resonances and vibrational differences between ingredients. We are able to metaphysically pull the essences out of the ingredients into the kombucha; creating a libation that is rich in both the physical benefits of organic ingredients and the primal energies hidden within. 

From that first batch four years ago, Joel and Geoff pulled what little resources they had in order to keep brewing; they knew this product was far too good to keep a secret. Selling and giving bottles to friends and family, brewing and sound-infusing kombucha for special occasions while maintaining full time jobs became the habit of the next three years. This continued until Joel’s daughter Sophie was born on June 8, 2016. That turned out to be the catalyst needed to launch Sacred Springs. Geoff and Joel quickly got their food license and haven't looked back.