Kombucha and the Medicine Bag

Sacred Springs Medicine Bag Kombucha Sound Infused crystals.png

Kombucha creates its own lifestyle. If you are a home-brewer, a commercial brewer, or just really like drinking it you have experienced to some extant, the kombucha lifestyle. An excelent example of someone who lives the kombucha lifestyle is Holly Bristol. Recently she gifted us a hand-made medicine bag (along with making all of our beautiful tyedye covers). Inside were two blue kyanite stones. We use these to metaphysically project the healing sounds we play into the tea and water. One rests inside our largest quartz singing bowl. It is a 22 inch crystal bowl that is tuned to “D”. We use it as the base tone for all of our kombucha. The other is key to the crystal grid that surrounds the entire kitchen, as it acts to project the healing and protective power of the grid into the surrounding area! We use the medicine bag to vibrate with the kombucha during the shift between the stages of its development. As it transitions out of the large fermenter, with the SCOBY caring for it, into a smaller secondary fermenter, where it will receive its flavor, it is comforted and encouraged by this medicine bag. Inside the bag are six gemstones, and one pinch of sencha and gunpowder green tea to remind the kombucha where it came from. The tea sits at the top of the grid, moving counterclockwise around the flower of life, we have a moss agate. This is the stone of plants, it soothes the tea in plant form and translates its energies during the fermentation process. The next stone is an iolite. This is a stone of transformation, allowing the kombucha to shift itself from fermenting, to flavored. The next stone, and at the base of the grid, is a ruby. All the images of love and kindness and comfort that a ruby brings to mind now work on the kombucha to ease the powers of the iolite. Now on the upswing, we encounter another transitionary stone, black obsidian. This stone not only helps the kombucha through the trying experience of bottling, it protects it against any negative energy that might disrupt the vibratory ingredients. The last place of the circle is a honey calcite, which amplifies the energies of the other stones and supports the kombucha for the long journey on which it is about to embark. In the center, a Herkimer diamond. Despite its name it is not a diamond but a variety of quartz; as such, it is a tremendous amplifier and transmitter. it sends the message of the bag reverberating into the kombucha as it pours forth from one phase into another on its journey from our vibrational laboratory to your hands! Drink~Life!  

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