Here at Sacred Springs, we have been focusing on two words recently. Shift and Allow. We need to shift our way of thinking and change our point of view, so we can learn from new experiences. That is what this grid is allowing us to do! The apophyllite point in the middle transmits powerful energies that allow you to positively change your life! Connected by small quartz beads, are black tourmalines. This crystal helps shift negative energy out by transforming it into the good stuff! The next step out on our hexagon is chrysocolla. When I tell you it is a water crystal you won’t be surprised because of the oceanic patter across it. Water is the element of inner change. It is the driving force that shifts you just enough to allow what comes next. In our case, that is pyrite, fool’s gold, but don’t think it isn’t gold. This crystal allows the body to align itself. When a body is aligned both physically and spiritually, it is strong, healthy, and vibrant. The energy flowing over this copper grid has been diffused into our kombucha! Shift your mind to allow transformation! 

Ben AndrusComment