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With Loving Hands We Harvest The Fruit of Life

Steeping the entire berry in our green tea kombucha provides a candy-like finish to a crisp drink. Fruity, and ripe with freshness, the Fruit of Life kombucha is strawberry first and last. The sweetest of all Sacred Springs kombucha’s is a perfect finish to a heavy winter meal, or an excellent pick-me-up in the morning. Enjoying Sacred Springs Fruit of Life Kombucha offers a buttery sweet way to drink life.

Vibrationally, Fruit of Life is the beginning. The fruit of life is a shape of 13 circles that that combine in such a way to create the blueprints of nature. These circles can be used to define the energies of the universe, the movements of creation, and to discover the gateway to a higher dimension. The powerful strawberry harnesses these energies into channels of nourishment. The strawberry plant propagates by sending runners with little baby plants attached to the end. The mother plant can sustain these babies until they take root, and even if they don’t and start to bear fruit while still attached, the mother plant keeps giving of itself. The strawberry can survive, and thrive in myriad weather conditions, it possesses the dedication to persevere through all manner of trails.. It is said that sharing strawberries promotes love, so imbibing Sacred Springs Fruit of Life Kombucha is akin to having the natural world as a loving support group.

A libation whose flavor
Is  deepened from the heart,
Brightened with the sun,
And lifted by the spirit.

VIBRATIONAL INGREDIENTS: Solfeggio Tones: 639 Hz & Singing Bowls: F, F, Bb, F 
PHYSICAL INGREDIENTS: Vortex Water, Live Cultures, § Cane Sugar, § Gunpowder & Sencha Green Tea, & § Strawberries § = ORGANIC