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Sophisticated, intelligent, and mature. Kalmbucha is unlike any other Sacred Springs kombucha. Brewed form Holy Basil tea, it ferments into a sweet fullness that carries the same seriousness of chai. After the initial burst of flavor Kalmbucha lazily moves to the back of the tongue bringing with it a sour sting that strangely satisfies. Somewhere in-between and slightly unnoticed, it tickles the underused tastebuds on the alveolar ridge. Far more than a drink, Sacred Springs Kalmbucha is an experience that offers a graceful way to drink life. 

Vibrationally, Kalmbucha is the most powerful. Holy Basil stands between humans and the outside world. Along side is “A” 432 hz the balancing tone of all things. These two metaphysical pillars gently stabilize all aspects of the human person, but in a deeply powerful way. The plant does this by directly targeting stress. The worries of life, negative thought patterns, even the disharmonious electromagnetic fields subtly produced by everyday electronics can disrupt the way our brains process information, and Holy Basil tea restores the balance because it will not settle for anything else. The Queen of Herbs allows tension to dissipate, burdens to lighten, and life to be lived freely. Sacred Springs Kalmbucha is akin to drinking the benefits of twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep.

VIBRATIONAL INGREDIENTS: Tibetan Bowls; Chant - “Om Shanti Om”
PHYSICAL INGREDIENTS: Vortex Water, Live Cultures, § Cane Sugar, § Tulsi Tea, § Sencha & § Gunpowder Green Tea § = ORGANIC