Organic Sound Infused Kombucha
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This is our base kombucha for three of our five main flavors, Root of Life, Flower of Life, and Tzintzer Trifecta. It is a simple brew, made with vortex filtered water, equal parts sencha and gunpowder green teas, organic cane sugar from fields in Brazil, and a Sacred Springs SCOBY. The balance of fresh woodiness from the teas and sweetness from the cane sugar ferments into a crisp sour bite followed by the clean finish of cider. An absolute delight to drink, Original Manchurian offers the perfect opportunity to drink life. 

Vibrationally, the Original Manchurian is a mix of phlegmatic and melancholic (water and earth). We use only ten-stage filtered well water, which we vortex to ensure proper structure. This water, so prepared, holds the energies of stillness, tranquility, creation, sustainability and so on, but not without its hidden depths of meaning. The green tea and sugar are themselves vibrationally born of earth and water. Green is the color of the heart energies, and it represents growth. All of the nurture nature can muster is spread to us through the vibrations we interpret as green. Making Sacred Springs Original Manchurian Kombucha akin to drinking a loving hug from Mother Earth.

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This kombucha is one of our best selling flavors, and it’s easy to see why. Beets, ginger and turmeric blend perfectly to the crispness of the fermented green tea to create a hearty yet vibrant blend of root vegetables. The sweetness of the beets is prominent, but held in check by the heat of the ginger and the bitter spice of the turmeric. The freshly juiced vegetables dance into the Original Manchurian with the grace of a Russian ballerina. The depths of flavor contained in Sacred Springs Root of Life Kombucha go far beyond the sum of its parts, and offers a balanced way to drink life.

Vibrationally, Root of Life is the most elementally balanced of the kombuchas we make. Beets are a sanguine (air) vegetable which is excellent for transmission and reception. This is why beets help to increase blood flow, because blood transmits the nutrients of food around the body. So metaphysically the beets help to create an environment that is suited for the communication and flow of energies. This action helps balance any areas that may need it. The ginger and turmeric are both born of fire. The action and energy infused into an otherwise cool environment creates a powerful torrent of healing vibrations. Sparking change and movement that otherwise would not have taken place. The conflagration of root vegetables poured into the stillness of Original Manchurian balances into a vibrationally congruous libation. Making Sacred Springs Root of Life Kombucha akin to drinking the harmonious energies of nature. 

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The other best seller, Flower of Life lives up to its name. The subtle infusion of jasmine flowers, hibiscus, rose hips, elderflowers and elderberries meets the kombucha in a way that plays upon the tongue. The flowers form a bouquet accented by a healthy dose of elderberry that stimulates hidden taste buds. Both sweet and tart, the earthy undertones create a clean finish of an aromatic journey of flavor. Sacred Springs Flower of Life Kombucha unfolds each petal of flavor in a delicate way, offering an elegant way to drink life.

Vibrationally, Flower of Life is nothing if not complex. Five different herbs go into our kombucha to infuse five different energies. Just as the flavors intertwine to create a bouquet of elegance, the vibrational ingredients combine in a divine way. Jasmine is a flower of beauty, it blooms at night releasing it fragrance into the darkness comforting those nearby. Rose hips, and hibiscus both attract love and nurturing. Think of the bees that fly from flower to flower, they pollinate the buds allowing a new generation to take hold. Each flower has a special way of attracting those bees, and so too do they attract us. All this positive energy being pulled into the kombucha by the flowers is met by the Elder plant. Elder is the ultimate guardian. Its branches produce notes favorable to the spirit world, and its berries and flowers protect against all negativity. Drinking Sacred Springs Flower of Life Kombucha is akin to having a guardian symphony.

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Steeping the entire berry in our green tea kombucha provides a candy-like finish to a crisp drink. Fruity, and ripe with freshness, the Fruit of Life kombucha is strawberry first and last. The sweetest of all Sacred Springs kombucha’s is a perfect finish to a heavy winter meal, or an excellent pick-me-up in the morning. Enjoying Sacred Springs Fruit of Life Kombucha offers a buttery sweet way to drink life.

Vibrationally, Fruit of Life is the beginning. The fruit of life is a shape of 13 circles that that combine in such a way to create the blueprints of nature. These circles can be used to define the energies of the universe, the movements of creation, and to discover the gateway to a higher dimension. The powerful strawberry harnesses these energies into channels of nourishment. The strawberry plant propagates by sending runners with little baby plants attached to the end. The mother plant can sustain these babies until they take root, and even if they don’t and start to bear fruit while still attached, the mother plant keeps giving of itself. The strawberry can survive, and thrive in myriad weather conditions, it possesses the dedication to persevere through all manner of trails.. It is said that sharing strawberries promotes love, so imbibing Sacred Springs Fruit of Life Kombucha is akin to having the natural world as a loving support group. .

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Sophisticated, intelligent, and mature. Kalmbucha is unlike any other Sacred Springs kombucha. Brewed form Holy Basil tea, it ferments into a sweet fullness that carries the same seriousness of chai. After the initial burst of flavor Kalmbucha lazily moves to the back of the tongue bringing with it a sour sting that strangely satisfies. Somewhere in-between and slightly unnoticed, it tickles the underused tastebuds on the alveolar ridge. Far more than a drink, Sacred Springs Kalmbucha is an experience that offers a graceful way to drink life. 

Vibrationally, Kalmbucha is the most powerful. Holy Basil stands between humans and the outside world. Along side is “A” 432 hz the balancing tone of all things. These two metaphysical pillars gently stabilize all aspects of the human person, but in a deeply powerful way. The plant does this by directly targeting stress. The worries of life, negative thought patterns, even the disharmonious electromagnetic fields subtly produced by everyday electronics can disrupt the way our brains process information, and Holy Basil tea restores the balance because it will not settle for anything else. The Queen of Herbs allows tension to dissipate, burdens to lighten, and life to be lived freely. Sacred Springs Kalmbucha is akin to drinking the benefits of twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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Ginger is  zesty, spicy, and bitting. When the juice of freshly diced, and pureed ginger cascades into Sacred Springs Original Manchurian it creates a brew for all time. Clean and zingy, refreshing and sour, yet somehow mild, Tzintzer Trifecta checks all the boxes. Even before the first sip, the aroma of the welcoming woodland earth foretells the pleasure to follow. Without loosing any of its own potency it enhances our base kombucha in a way unique to the trifecta. The added juice aids in effervescence, creating an energetic enigma of different flavors and lightening the texture to carbonated levels. Sacred Springs Tzintzer Trifecta kombucha energizes the body offering an active way to drink life. 

Vibrationally, ginger is the product of earth and fire. The root spends its formative months buried in the dirt, absorbing the grounding and cleansing power contained therein, transforming it into the energetic force of fire. Fire brings with it the external force of change, transforming whatever it touches on the most fundamental level. The fires of ginger add an external push towards purification. Each batch of Sacred Springs Tzintzer Trifecta is infused with a triome of three different tones. The number three speaks of completion, community, and abundance; when paired with ginger, it creates a powerfully motivating force that pushes for the highest good. Sacred Springs Tzintzer Trifecta bustles with promise, and is akin to drinking the unrealized potential of a pregnant volcano.