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With Kind Hearts We Unearth The Root of Life

This kombucha is one of our best selling flavors, and it’s easy to see why. Beets, ginger and turmeric blend perfectly to the crispness of the fermented green tea to create a hearty yet vibrant blend of root vegetables. The sweetness of the beets is prominent, but held in check by the heat of the ginger and the bitter spice of the turmeric. The freshly juiced vegetables dance into the Original Manchurian with the grace of a Russian ballerina. The depths of flavor contained in Sacred Springs Root of Life Kombucha go far beyond the sum of its parts, and offers a balanced way to drink life.

Vibrationally, Root of Life is the most elementally balanced of the kombuchas we make. Beets are a sanguine (air) vegetable which is excellent for transmission and reception. This is why beets help to increase blood flow, because blood transmits the nutrients of food around the body. So metaphysically the beets help to create an environment that is suited for the communication and flow of energies. This action helps balance any areas that may need it. The ginger and turmeric are both born of fire. The action and energy infused into an otherwise cool environment creates a powerful torrent of healing vibrations. Sparking change and movement that otherwise would not have taken place. The conflagration of root vegetables poured into the stillness of Original Manchurian balances into a vibrationally congruous libation. Making Sacred Springs Root of Life Kombucha akin to drinking the harmonious energies of nature. 

A libation whose flavor
will come through in layers, 
consistently building 
a foundation of depth. 

VIBRATIONAL INGREDIENTS: Solfeggio Tones: 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz & Singing Bowls: C, C, D
PHYSICAL INGREDIENTS: Vortex Water, Live Cultures, § Cane Sugar, § Sencha & § Gunpowder Green Tea, § Beets, § Ginger, & § Turmeric § = ORGANIC