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With Devoted Intentions We Become The Trifecta

Ginger is  zesty, spicy, and bitting. When the juice of freshly diced, and pureed ginger cascades into Sacred Springs Original Manchurian it creates a brew for all time. Clean and zingy, refreshing and sour, yet somehow mild, Tzintzer Trifecta checks all the boxes. Even before the first sip, the aroma of the welcoming woodland earth foretells the pleasure to follow. Without loosing any of its own potency it enhances our base kombucha in a way unique to the trifecta. The added juice aids in effervescence, creating an energetic enigma of different flavors and lightening the texture to carbonated levels. Sacred Springs Tzintzer Trifecta kombucha energizes the body offering an active way to drink life. 

Vibrationally, ginger is the product of earth and fire. The root spends its formative months buried in the dirt, absorbing the grounding and cleansing power contained therein, transforming it into the energetic force of fire. Fire brings with it the external force of change, transforming whatever it touches on the most fundamental level. The fires of ginger add an external push towards purification. Each batch of Sacred Springs Tzintzer Trifecta is infused with a triome of three different tones. The number three speaks of completion, community, and abundance; when paired with ginger, it creates a powerfully motivating force that pushes for the highest good. Sacred Springs Tzintzer Trifecta bustles with promise, and is akin to drinking the unrealized potential of a pregnant volcano.  

A libation whose flavor
Creates simplified complexion.
Tart, refreshing, & definitive.
Trifecta complete.

VIBRATIONAL INGREDIENTS: Solfeggio Tones: Set 1: 174 Hz, 417 Hz, 741 Hz or Set 2: 285 Hz, 528 Hz, 852 Hz or Set 3: 396 Hz, 639 Hz, 963 Hz 
PHYSICAL INGREDIENTS: Vortex Water, Live Cultures, § Cane Sugar, § Sencha & § Gunpowder Green Tea, & § Ginger § = ORGANIC